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French Charolais Beef

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true classic of French gastronomyDe La Valley's Charolais Steak tartare is a unique product 100% Made in France. Coming straight from Charolais of Eastern part of France, our Charolais Steak Tartare is delicacy made from the secret and premium selection of beef cuts freshly hand-minced by knife. The tender texture and elegant beefy flavor will make you take you to the heart of our French pastures.

Our Steak Tartare is cryogenized directly after being packed and defrosts within 10 min in cold water.

Committed to the traceability of our products, De La Valley guarantees that your meat comes directly from the farm's gate to your door: frozen and vacuum packed

French Charolais Beef,Steak Tartare - FROZEN

De La Valley's Steak Tartare is made of secrect selection of premium beef cuts



Licence/Permit No.: 0318802204

Endorsements/Permission:: Online Sales of Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Meat (Chilled: Beef, Pork, Mutton Frozen: Beef, Pork, Mutton) via website

Cattle farming

>Charolais Genisse Beef

Characterized by its impressive size and its white/cream color, the Charolais is a French bovine breed originated from the region of Charolles in Burgundy.

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Cooking expert tips

De La Valley's Steak Tartare preparation:

Defrosting Steps:

  • Place your Steak Tartare in its vacuum pack in a bowl of cold water for 10min OR
  • Place it in your fridge 24h before cooking

Preparation Step:

  • Step 1: Open the Steak Tartare vacuum and place the meat in a bowl
  • Step 2: Season it with some salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and a touch a lemon
  • Step 3: Mix it and ENJOY

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