French Style Charolais Beef Authentic Burger 2 x 200gFrance

Image French Style Charolais Beef Authentic Burger 2 x 200g


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Promotion,French Style Charolais Beef Authentic Burger 2 x 200g

A generous burger using only selected top quality ingredients: 100% French Charolais beef patty perfectly grilled with old-fashioned mustard, onion, and melted cheese square cereals buns, . The real pleasure of a good burger!


Restricted Food Permit No: 0318802204

Endorsements/Permission:: Online Sales of Prepackaged Chilled and Frozen Meat (Chilled: Beef, Pork, Mutton Frozen: Beef, Pork, Mutton) via website

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Cooking expert tips

Cooking Instructions:

In the microwave

- Remove the burger from the box and its individual pouch

- Place it on a microwav-safe plate in the middle of the microwave oven

- Heat for 3 minutes at 750 watts

IMPORTANT: The burger will be very hot when removed from the microwave, let it sit for 1 minutute before eating


In the Oven:

- Do not preheat your oven

- Remove the burger from itss plastic wrap

- Take off the top bun

- Heat for about 35 minutes at 300˚F in an oven-safe dish

- Add the top bun for the last 5 minutes