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Rémi Ramon Chicken and How to Read Our Chicken Labels

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The finest selection of French chicken brought to you by De La Valley is Rémi Ramon Chicken that offers a wide selection ranging from a free-range whole chicken to a smaller Grade A spring chicken that is famous for its exceptional quality and taste. Read on to find out what is so special about Rémi Ramon Chicken and how to read our chicken labels.

Why Rémi Ramon Chicken?

Rémi Ramon Chicken is the top quality on the market and is brought to you by De La Valley directly from France all year round. Remi Ramon poultry is GMO-free, organic and raised outdoor which allows the chicken taste to stand out from others. The following are the examples of labels you can come across on our website related to our top quality chicken.

Spring Chicken

The spring chicken is a young bird bred, slaughtered when not more than a month old, producing a small but tender-fleshed bird. One spring chicken usually can serve one or two.

Grade A Chicken

Grade A chicken is the highest-ranked poultry with full meat, a consistent layer of fat, and no major physical deformities.

Free-Range Chicken

"Free-range" is a term used to describe the chickens that had an access to the outside environment. Our free-range chicken selection was raised on a farm that does not cage its chickens, allowing them to roam around as naturally as possible.

White and Yellow Chicken

The difference between white and yellow chicken is only the colour. White and yellow chicken do not differ in the quality of the meat, its fat content, or how it was raised. Based on the feed content, corn or wheat, the resulting colour can vary from pale white to bright yellow.

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