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The Secret Behind Our Aromatic Ibérico Pork

Selected by De La Valley, our selection of Spanish Iberico Pork has an exquisite taste and a powerful nutty-sweet flavour that will provide you with an unforgettable tasting experience. Read on to find out the secrets behind aromatic Iberico Pork selected with love by De La Valley!

Black Iberian Pig

Pata Negra House

Our finest selection of Spanish Iberico Pork is brought to you from Pata Negra House, the leading specialized retailer of Iberico ham and Spanish gourmet food in Hong Kong. Pata Negra House has the greatest knowledge of the best artisanal producers of Spanish ham and pork, which allows them to distribute the authentic taste of Spain in Hong Kong.

Black Iberian Pigs

Spanish Black Iberico Pig

The Iberico Pork comes from the Black Iberian Pigs that live in mountainous regions covering central and southern parts of Spain and Portugal. The Iberian Pigs, descendants of the Mediterranean wild boar, are one of the oldest animals that existed even before animal domestication. They are athletic animals that live in a wild environment, and thanks to their intramuscular fat structure their meat is always flavourful and distinctive with a higher fat content than other breeds of pigs.


The Iberico Pork has exquisite taste also because they are free-range, meaning they roam freely in open areas in a natural environment. Being able to run through woods, the muscles of Iberian Pigs are developed in a perfect way, forming the marbling effect with a balanced proportion of meat and fat.


Acorns fed to Spanish Black Iberico Pigs

Another special thing that contributes to Iberico Pork's nutty-sweet flavour is the acorns. Acorns that fall from cork trees and gall oaks from early October or November to early March are high in fat, which helps the animals grow and gain sufficient fat content without any compound feed, bringing the delicate, subtle and unsurpassed nuances of its taste. The grass, flowers, mushrooms and roots are also eaten by the animals that contribute to the unique smell of all products derived from the Iberian Pig.

Black Iberian Pig

At De La Valley, we offer you a wide variety of Iberico pork and cold cuts. Some of our favourite cuts are:

  • Iberico Pork Loin Medallions: Pork loin medallions are oval cuts of the loin, a large and long muscle along the spine of the pig. The loin is one of the noblest cuts of an Iberico pig that is known for its tenderness and juiciness.

  • Iberico Pork Pluma: The pluma is the cut found at the bottom end of the loin and is known for its perfect balance of meat and fat. Pork pluma is called "pluma" due to its flat triangular shape similar to a feather.

  • Iberico Pork Chops: Pork chops are the cuts taken from the loin perpendicularly to the spine of the pig that usually includes a rib. These pork cuts are leaner than other cuts of pork resulting in a lighter flavour.

Have a look at our selection of Spanish Iberico Pork and treat yourself to a long-lasting gourmet experience!

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