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French Chicken - Free RangeFrance

Image Class A Yellow Spring Chicken,France

Class A Yellow Spring Chicken,France

From HK$113.33/ per kg


Argentine Angus - Grass FedArgentina

Image Ribeye - Chilled

Ribeye - Chilled

From HK$440.00/ per kg


Argentine Angus - Grass FedArgentina

Image Cow Boy Steak- Chilled

Cow Boy Steak- Chilled

From HK$560.00/ per kg


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New Launch FRENCH style Burger Promotion

De La Valley presents the authentic premium quality burger. 

A generous burger using only selected top quality ingredients: square cereals buns, 100% French Charolais beef patty perfectly grilled with old-fashioned mustard sauce, onion, and melted cheese. The real pleasure of a good burger!

A unique steak Haché of De La Valley, made exclusively from a single muscle:
Sirloin, the prime cut of beef known for its fine grain, guarantees the perfect balance between juiciness and the meaty flavor.












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De la Valley, your connection with meat raised to the finest



With years of experience in the meat industry, it is through a precise selection process that De La Valley's meat experts carefully source and select for you the finest cuts of meat from the best origins in order to provide with the most exceptional meats in the world.