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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Born from our desire to provide you with the best meat in the world, De La Valley is the result of 25 years of experience in the meat-trading sector. Indeed, founded by a team of meat experts, our brand is based on two simple principles: quality and traceability. Our mission being to offer you a selection of the very best in terms of natural meats, we ensure to source and select for you the finest cuts of meats from the best origins through a precise selection process. Thus, every day we ensure to refine our offers by demanding the best from our producers and our partners because for us excellence is the only option.

Sharing the passion for excellence, our team is made up of international meat traders who have had the chance to travel the world and taste everything that is done in terms of high-quality meats. They have thus developed critical expertise in what the terms "premium quality" mean. In the perpetual search for the best in the world, our team of experts meets passionate breeders and discovers exceptional farms. Indeed, combining knowledge and passion, it is through a very meticulous selection process that De La Valley’s meat experts source and select the finest cuts of meat from the best producers in order to offer you the opportunity to enjoy the most exceptional meats in the world.


Our Services

De La Valley offers to its consumers a unique experience of meat delivery through products and services of impeccable quality. Operating in refrigerated trucks, we ensure deliveries throughout Hong Kong by guarantying the respect of the cold chain and the freshness of our products up to your door. Because the quality and traceability of our meats are the fundamental principles of De La Valley, we assure you the best conditioning from the field to your fork.


Indeed, to ensure the exceptional quality of our meats, De La Valley’s products are vacuum packed at the origin before being shipped by refrigerated aircraft and then stored between 0°C and 2°C in our cold storage. 

Our Products

Raw Beef on Wooden Plate


Remi Ramon Chicken is considered the top quality on the market and is brought to you by De La Valley directly from France all year round. Originally from Javron, Remi Ramon poultry is GMO free, organic and raised outdoor which allows the chicken taste to stand out from others. From a free range whole chicken to a smaller Grade A spring chicken, De La Valley brings you immediate satisfaction of quality and taste.

Raw lamb meat chops steaks in a wooden tray. Black background. Top view..jpg


Located in South America and being one of the world's largest beef exporters, Argentina is well known for its exceptional beef quality. Argentina's unique environment and nature, characterized by abundant rainfalls and a temperate climate, result in high-quality pastures perfect for cattle rearing. It is, in fact, from the combination of the environment, the land, and the vegetation that the Argentinian beef takes its unique and famous flavour. Cattles are exercising all day, walking around in the Pampa, eating fresh grass, and enjoying the Argentinian sunshine. In this peaceful and natural environment, Gauchos breed our 100% Natural Angus Certified beef. 

Chicken Dish


New Zealand Silver Fern Farms are the leading group in Lamb meat production. Every lamb is Grass-fed and free-range in order to bring freshness, tenderness and great taste to the meat.

In line with the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme, they are treated with utmost care and respect at every step. Selected by De La Valley as we are determined to bring something unique to your homes, a chain of care and quality you can trust!

Pork shoulder with rosemary, rock salt, peppercorns on wax paper.jpg


One of the Spanish cuisine features, for sure, is the cold cuts! This gastronomy is fantastic on its own, such as the salami in the Iberico platter, and better when used as the star ingredient in dishes like the chorizo in paella! All selected with love and passion by De La Valley!

Sturgeon black caviar in can on white marble background.jpg


Selected by De La Valley, Spanish pork has exquisite taste, and we are proud to have such a selection on our list. 

Slicing Ham


One of the gems of our shop is specifically handpicked caviar selection which is unique in its kind. Caviar is always an excellent addition to any table and any party. Raised with love and passion, De La Valley can ensure high quality and unique prices for our caviar selection.

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