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Hugo Desnoyer Meat

Unique quality that will inspire you!

Meat by Hugo Desnoyer is one of the things that you should order first. Growing up in the Mayenne, Loire Valley of France, Hugo Desnoyer dreamed of being a chef but found the milieu not very welcoming. He needed a job, apprenticed to a local butcher and moved up the ladder as far as his ambitions would take him.

He opened his own shop on the Rue Mouton-Duvernet in the 14th arrondissment on April 1, 1998. Soon he was drawing the attention of Pierre Gagnaire, Bernard Pacaud of the three-star L'Ambroisie, Alain Passard of the three-star L'Arpège, Benoît Guichard of the two-star Jamin, Pascal Barbot of the one-star L'Astrance, as well as the chefs at L'Ami Louis, where lamb, beef and chicken form the cornerstone of the menu.

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